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Nes Vvs News

Buffalo Bills 2020 AFC Champions


Buffalo Bills 2020 AFC Champions !!!, Super Bowl bound !!!!!

#NesVvs #BillsMafia

Video Shoot "Turn Up" Comin Soon


Video Shoot for "Turn Up" Prod by Boog Brown Dir by The Formula 716.


Land of Snow

Buffalo being buffalo and looking like a mini blizzard.


Video Shoot "Over You" 


Video Shoot for "Over You" Prod by ScandiBeats Dir by The Formula 716.


No Socks Release (11/2/20)


New 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 "No Socks" the latest adventure into the world of Nes Vvs.

No Socks Mixtape by Nes Vvs (


Recording "No Socks"


Recording "No Socks" wit Legendary Engineer Spoon (Death Valley Records)


Vvs Culture II (9/19/2020)


The second edition of Vvs Culture a performance and Listening Session of "The Best Of Sidewalk Executives (BOSE)". Master's Touch, Delavan Aperture along wit DJ Lonnie B.


Video Shoot "I Bet They Know"


Fire Track 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 off No Socks Milo G featuring Nes Vvs. Prod By Oatmeal, Dir By TheFormula716


BO Sidewalk Execs 3 (1).jpg
Best of Sidewalk Executives BOSE  Release (5/29/20)


🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 off Mixtape Sidewalk Executives series. All the songs you love off all 4 mixtapes in one place.

 Best Of Sidewalk Executives Mixtape by Various Artists (


Vvs Culture (2/14/20)


The first edition of Vvs Culture kicked it off with the "Cupids Kite" Listening Session on Valentine's Day. Thank you Lonnie B for the venue Little Africa Culture Club, along wit DJ Johnny G.


Cupids Kite - Copy.jpg
Cupid Kites Release (2/14/20)

New Drip Tape From Nes Vvs released Valentine's Day. Another trip into the World of Nes Vvs his Pain Love and Life.

Cupids Kite Mixtape by Nes Vvs (


Video Shoot "716"

Video Shoot "716"  Prod by BlueMistBeats Dir by Upstate J.


Recording "Cupids Kite"

When problems shut down the studio we still made a way to record "Cupids Kite", Lonnie B is a life saver.


A Bit of Perfection


Everytime Im in Philly I got to get a steak sandwich, me and my stomach get on our culinary adventure and we always end up here..... Im addicted.




Frosty lil Cousin 2 Times Removed On His Mother side "Icey". Me and my nephew Isaiah having a ghetto winter wonderland LOL.


In The Studio wit Lonnie B


In the studio wit super producers Lonnie B and Thuro, going in on a track. No matter how long Im gone soon as I touchdown in my hometown, Im in the studio.


Green Light on The Money (Vvs Vision)


Every time I open my eyes all I see is green, its all around us in everything we do waiting to be made waiting to be spent waiting to be invested.


Always Gone But Home Is Always Wit Me


No matter where Im at the Town is on my back cant forget where u came from, 716 till thats it. #NesVvs


Nes Vvs

Feat. Iesha Green- Therapy

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