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Best Of Sidewalk Executives

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2020 Valentine's Day 


                                  Cupids Kite

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Born in Buffalo NY, Nes Vvs started writing rhymes on the back of his school notebooks and folders. Others quickly began to notice that he had a way with words. Early success led to working with labels Alleyway Records and later LimeLife Records before taking an independent route. New opportunities created a chance for Nes Vvs to start his own label and Vvs Records was born. Crowned the "Hook King" by his fellow rappers and producers, Vvs is known for creating the catchiest hooks for both himself and others.

Nes Vvs started it all with "Vvs Chronicals Vol. 1", his first mixtape and our first glimpse into the world of Nes Vvs. After releasing "Sidewalk Executives 1 & 2" in 2016 and "Sidewalk Executives 3" in early 2017, Nes Vvs released "Sidewalk Executives 4" in late 2019. "Cupids Kite" and "Best of Sidewalk Executives" were released in early 2020 on VvsR also leading to a big year before the pandemic. Nes Vvs is ending the year strong regardless of conditions awaiting a release of "No Socks" on Nov 2, 2020. New music is taking on life issues, relationships, and many other topics that current fans love and new fans will grow to love.

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Latest News
The View on the Way Up


No longer at Ground Level we moving up. Sidewalk Executives 3 is finished and on the way. #NesVvs



Motivation........ #NesVvs

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